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Innovative Music and Sounds is a dynamic small business located on the beautiful Tamborine Mountain, specialising in Sound Healing for both singles and couples. The principles at Innovative Music and Sounds are husband and wife team Emma and Andrew Heading-Knight who completed their Diplomas in Integral Sound Healing from the Sound Healing Academy in 2023.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is a practice that has been carried out for thousands of years, by civilizations as far apart as the Ancient Egyptians, Indigenous North American Tribes as well as our First Nation’s People. A session usually comprises of a variety of different instruments that are used. These instruments include: Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Gongs, Frame Drums, Shakers, Native American Flute, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoo, Ocean Drum, Koshi Chimes, Equilibrium Chimes and the Voice.

How Does Sound Healing Work?

Everything is vibration. Sound healing works by entraining the natural frequencies of the body as well as allowing the body to exit the sympathetic nervous system state (fight or flight), and enter the parasympathetic system which is where healing occurs. Sound Healing can also take you into a state of deep relaxation, by altering your brainwave state from a Beta (Active state) to an Alpha/Theta/Delta brainwave state where you will feel more grounded and relaxed.

The unique part about a sound healing session is that no two sessions are the same. The sounds and frequencies penetrate into the physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual levels. Sound healing can be used to treat physical ailments, (such as back pain), to help to release blocked emotions and stress, and to help you cope with change.

What Happens in a Sound Healing Session?

A session will usually begin with some meditative relaxation, deepening the breath and setting an intention for your session. Then your energy field will be scanned, to assess for any imbalances in your system. We usually use a Tibetan Bowl for this. The sounds pick up frequencies where there may be an excess or depletion in energy. These are all closely linked to the Chakras. Healing sounds are then played to help restore balance to your body, and then the session will continue with a variety of different instruments played to help manifest your intention.

During your session, it is normal to feel body sensations such as tingling, flushes of heat and cold, and a heaviness within the body. All of this is normal and is a sign that the healing sounds are doing their magic!

At the conclusion of your session there will be some silence, again to help you to integrate the sounds that you have just listened to, followed by a discussion to enable you to continue your healing journey through personal practice.

Innovative Music and Sounds is a unique business in that it has a clinic dedicated completely to Sound Healing on Tamborine Mountain. Emma and Andrew are excited to welcome you to our healing sanctuary where you will discover the magic of healing sounds and feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

We also stock a small amount of Sound Healing equipment and books, which are available for purchase by our clients to further their own sound healing journey.


To book for a session, we have an online booking system available on our website:

You can also contact us directly through the Contact page on our site. We look forward to welcoming you here to Innovative Music and Sounds on our beautiful mountain!

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