Teeth Whitening that comes to you!

The ultimate Smile whitening service that comes to your Gold Coast location.  Smiles 2 U use only the highest quality of teeth whitening products and gels on the market. Unlike many DIY teeth whitening kits available online, our products have been approved for use and have undergone years of testing. They also give our customers the flexibility to choose between, or use a combination of, two main whitening products:

  1. Peroxide free whitening for staining and discoloration
  2. Teeth whitening with 6% peroxide gel for a brighter smile

Touch-up kits are also available for customers that want to maintain their whiter and brighter smile for longer.

A professional whitening service in the comfort of your own home which only takes an hour of  your time.

Smiles 2 U – A Simple & safe whitening with immediate results

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Teeth Whitening