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Australia’s biggest action adventure park is now open in Burleigh Waters! Bounce Gold Coast is FULLY air conditioned so even on those hot days the kids can enjoy their session in comfort.

Experience Australia’s biggest & best indoor action adventure park. 4700sqm of wall to wall action, with NINE amazing area’s there is something for everyone!

Mon – Thurs – 9am – 7pm
Fri – 9am-8pm
Sat – 9am – 7pm
Sun – 9am – 5pm

Public Holidays:
Mon – Sun – 10am – 4pm   *Some public holiday hours may vary, pleae view available ours under “Book Now“.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day

X-Park – is an Adventure Challenge Course for adrenaline hunters. It combines obstacles & features that can be explored as stand-alone challenges or navigated as one circuit with different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression. (Opens 22nd March 18)

Free Jump
The Free-Jump Arena is a giant network of interconnected floor and wall trampolines. Its like Free-Running and Parkour made easy! This is our main stage – with around 50 interconnected trampolines, tumble tracks and banked walls. Enjoy freestyle freedom or just run wild in this oversized playground.

The Wall
The Wall combines high performance trampolines with vertical walls of various heights for freestyle tricks and Wall Running. This area is like a skate park made out of trampolines.  You need to experience Wall Running to believe how much fun and addictive it is. Like most of the best ideas it’s a super simple concept – use the bounce and rebound properties of Performance Trampolines to run up walls.  It was pioneered by the Cirque Du Soleil and takes a few tips to master, but once you get it its pure awesomeness every time. Come and have a crack at the next frontier.

Slam Dunk
The Slam Dunk area features full-height basketball rings above runway trampolines surrounded by padded walls and floor mats. It’s like borrowing the legs of the world’s best basket-baller.  Try the simple approach first. Three jumps to build your bounce height, then slam it! Add in some moves – maybe around the back or through the legs.

Get creative and go for style points. Slam Dunk is one of our most addictive attractions – give it a try to find out why.

High Performance
High performance trampolines in this area enable greater bounce and height. The area is perfect for skills development and more advanced manoeuvres.  Performance trampolines are often used by athletes pursuing advanced performance around sports such skiing, snowboarding, wake-boarding and skate boarding etc. It’s also a training ground free-runners and anyone involved in dedicated trampoline sports.  Our safety policy sets a height restriction of 110cm and above in the Performance Trampolines area.

Dodge Ball
Dodgeball is trampoline warfare. It’s high-energy, awesome fun and the balls are soft.  Enter the Dodgeball courts – the ultimate trampoline Colosseum where primal battle instincts rise to the fore in fun and often funny ways. Two teams throw soft ‘bowling ball’ sized dodgeballs at each other as they jump around the court. The art is using your bounce skills to dodge the balls and outmanoeuvre your opposition. Keep moving (upwards or sideways) and avoid a direct hit while you take the other team out one by one. Last player bouncing wins.

Great for parties, groups of friends or corporate outings to blow off some steam. Dodgeball is also an incredible workout without realising you’re exercising.

Super Tramp
This 5×5 metre monster is the ultimate aerials platform offering extra height and is perfect for off-axis tricks.  A range of airsport athletes use the Super Tramp for training but the extra space and super slow bounce is an awesome experience for anyone.

Big Air Bag
The Big Air Bag provides a giant soft landing so you can get massively airborne just for fun, or practicing your aerial moves in safety.  It’s the best place to work on moves that you can then take to the Performance Trampolines, the street or the ski slopes. Lying at the end of rebound tumble tracks, the giant inflatable bag sits in a five-foot-deep pit.  Start with simple jumps then get as technical as your skills allow.

miniBounce Zone
miniBounce Zone is a new interative are built just for children from walking age to 110cm tall.

Bounce also caters for birthday parties, groups, full venue hire, parties, and many more! Call 1300 00 540

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