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By David Morton, Nicholas Paine & Tim Sharp with Music by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music)

Tim Sharp, the creator of Laser Beak Man, was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years old. Doctors explained to his mother Judy that he would never speak and told her to put him away and forget about him. But Judy was determined to find a way to communicate with her son and introduced him to drawing. When he was eleven, Tim invented Laser Beak Man.

Power City is the most beautiful city in the world, clean, pure–perfect; but not by accident.

Local hero Laser Beak Man works hard to keep it that way. Drawing energy from the underground Magna Crystals that power the City his beak has the ability to shoot lasers that turn bad to good.

That is until Peter Bartman, evil genius, and Laser Beak Man’s estranged childhood friend, steals the Magna Crystals using the Thriller Driller. Robbed of his superpowers, Laser Beak Man must find a way to stop his oldest nemesis from destroying Power City. In a story jam-packed with the trademark humour and visual puns that come from his literal interpretation of language, Laser Beak Man is a new visual theatre work under development by the Dead Puppet Society and Tim Sharp that explodes with colour and energy.

“It’s a magical, big-hearted, deeply charming theatre experience, and if it’s a cliché to claim Laser Beak Man will be as much fun for adults as children, it’s also the truth.” The Age

Thu 16 Jan, 11am
Fri 17 Jan, 11am* & 7pm
Sat 18 Jan, 11am** & 7pm
Ages 8+

Tickets $22.50

*AUSLAN Performance. **Relaxed Performance – a relaxed performance is one that is modified slightly to consider the needs and preferences of people with disabilities and their companions.

Kids Take Over




Dead Puppet Society

Learn the versatile and incredible art form of puppetry in this two-hour workshop held by The Dead Puppet Society.

This workshop will provide you will the skills to create characters and devise your own visual stories. You will learn a series of exercises and techniques which are fundamental for the manipulation of focus, breath and gravity of puppetry. After participating in this workshop, you will not only know the tricks behind creating Laser Beak man but have the skills to start creating your own puppet performance.

Tue 14 Jan, 11am–1pm

12-17 years

FREE (registrations essential)

Kids Take Over