Aussie Christmas Traditions

An Aussie Christmas Traditions is quite a unique experience! While traditionally Christmas is celebrated in the wintertime around most of the world- Christmas falls during mid summer season in Australia. With high temperatures, don’t expect Santa to be fitted out in his trademark red suit- instead he’s wearing his trademark red hat with a pair of festive board shorts to beat the heat while he relaxes on the beach and goes for a surf.

Families, friends and even neighbours get together on Christmas day and indulge in an Xmas lunch– the highlight of the day. Fresh prawns, a leg of ham, potato salad and a fruit garnished pavlova are always tradition on the table. At a park or in the backyard, the barbeque will be fired up as sausages and onion sizzle away, and an esky full of drinks sits on melting ice and someone helps to shoo the flies away while bread is being buttered.

Christmas crackers are pulled left and right, with cheesy jokes and a rainbow of paper crowns worn amongst the group. Anything water related is a must- a sprinkler in the backyard or the classic slip and slide for those without a pool, or a day down at the beach, or on a boat for those out on an adventure. Kids build snowmen made out of sand, adorned with sticks and shells washed up on the shore, others wear coloured zinc in patterns for a holiday tan.

Carols by Candlelight is an annual Aussie Christmas Traditions where the nation tunes in to be entertained Christmas night while enjoying Christmas dinner with friends and family. There’s nothing quite like an Australian Christmas and we wish you a very merry one this year!

Aussie Christmas Traditions