Sling Shot Park Gold Coast

6 Palm Ave, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia


07 5570 2700

10am to 10pm

The Sling Shot Park you know as you take your seat this is NO ORDINARY RIDE.  Your mind is racing your heart is beating like a drum and your throat is dry 3.. 2.. 1.. TTWWAANNGG  The Sling Shot holds 2 people at a time with a video camera attached to capture the riders expressions as they are ejected 80 meters up into the air.  THE SKY’S NO LIMIT !

Ride $30p/p  USB $20 each T-shirt $20 each Super saver packages (single):  $55 = 1 x ride 1 x or USB 1 x t shirt  Super saver (double/couple): $95 = 1 x ride each 1 x or USB per/couple 1 x t shirt each.  Participants must be over 110cm tall

The VOMATRON is powered by 2 huge electric motors (the first of its kind) it rotates the giant 45m arm at speeds of more than 120km per hour.  Throwing the capsules into extreme spins putting 4gs of force upon its unwary passengers.  Then just as you thought it was over we spin it in reverse with the same degree of pure torture as before.

Ride $20 p/p   USB $15 each T shirts $15 each. Super Saver Packages (single):  $35  =  1 x ride 1 x USB 1 x t shirt. Super Saver (double/couple) $55 = 1 x ride each 1 x USB per/couple 1 x t shirt each. Participants must be over 110cm tall

The SURFERS PARADISE MINI GOLF features 18 different and exciting holes with interesting obstacles and lights to make your putting experience one to remember. There are no age or height requirements so anyone can play. Also there’s no limit to the amount of players so bring the whole family down for 18 HOLES OF WESTERN FAMILY FUN!

Adult $12  Children $8  Senior/Student/Backpacker $10  Family $30 (2 Adults + 2 Children/2 Adults + 1 Child/1 Adult + 3 Children) Extra Children $5

Our BUNGY TRAMPOLINES are exceptional fun for the little ones.  As long as you are over 17kgs and under 55kgs we will pop you on, strap you up, and then it’s all up to you, bounce as high as you like and test your somersaulting skills here with us.

$10 for 10min (price includes all ages and from first bounce to 10 minutes)


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