P3 Sports & Recovery Gold Coast

P3 Sports & Recovery Gold Coast, Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads QLD, Australia


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P3 Sports & Recovery Gold Coast caters for all people living and travelling to the Gold Coast. Situated in Burleigh, the centre opened its doors July 2017 and has experienced rapid growth as more and more people find out about our services and the importance of looking after your body. Our centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities which are usually reserved for elite athletes which is split up into 3 different categories.

P3 Sports wet therapy is our most popular service which consists of 4 pools all varying at different temperatures. These pools are heavily dosed with magnesium, important in muscle recovery and has a range of different health benefits. The recommended cycle is 48 minutes changing between each pool every 4 minutes. The magnesium is absorbed through your skin and the difference in temperatures increases blood flow throughout the body.

P3 Sports dry therapy has to be seen to be believed, like a cinema room. Where you can come relax whilst getting your body feeling better than ever. Our normatec compression garments are designed to flush out lactic acid and increase the blood flow. Which in turn reduces inflammation and muscle soreness. Our pro ice machine uses similar technology incorporating cold temperature, great for joint inflammation, soreness and soft tissue injuries.

Finally we have our specialist services which are our top end services. These include the hyperbaric chamber, vibrosaun machine and infrared sauna. The hyperbaric chamber is the rolls royce of treatments. Where 100% pure oxygen is pumped into the blood stream under 3 times the normal atmospheric pressure. HBOT (Hyperbaric oxygentated treatment) a range of different benefits and helps speed up recovery time from serious injuries.

We also have No More Niggles Sports and Remedial massage therapists who are there 6 days a week. They cover sports massage, myotherapy, dry needling and even cupping.

Occupying the final therapy room we have our stretch therapist Cat. FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy) is growing in popularity. The assisted form of stretching proving to benefit many people with their flexibility and reducing every day pain.


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