Marina Mirage Farmers Market

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Indoors, under the cool white sails at Marina Mirage Farmers Market, held undercover EVERY Saturday morning from 7am until 12 noon, with a new addition of a handcrafted section.

The market showcases freshly-picked seasonal farm produce, hand-crafted local artisan delicacies, handcrafted arts & craft.

In the market you will find Free Range and organic eggs, locally-farmed Chinese greens and fragrant herbs. Organic/spray free fruit and vegetables, gourmet take-home meals, speciality jams/marmalade. Freshly squeezed organic juices, dips, pickles and relishes, heirloom tomatoes and local strawberries.

There’s freshly baked sourdough breads, baked on site French pastries, gluten-free banana bread. Cookies and cakes, gorgeous flowers, gluten-free hot donuts, Indian cuisine & fresh seafood from the trawler.

Newly included into the market is our craft section showcasing custom design cups/mugs/boards, soy candles, organic soaps, hand-crafted jewellery, succulent plants, lamp shades, organic essentials oil, herbal tea and so much more.

The weekly Craft and Gourmet Market, all undercover with free parking.

The weekly farmers market at Marina Mirage is an edibles-only Gourmet Farmers Market, all undercover with FREE parking.

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