E Scoot Hire

26 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia


0412 996 310

The E Scoot Hire is an electric-powered bike that not only looks awesome, but it can be ridden by just about anyone who can ride a traditional bike.  Coming to the Gold Coast for a holiday? Or are you a local simply looking for a more reasonable transport option? Then look no further… explore the Gold Coast like never before, enjoy the sun and smell the sea air whilst riding a revolutionary E Scoot Hire scooter.

These are so simple to ride, and because you don’t need a licence, it means the kids can ride one too. What are you waiting for?

*  No Fuel
*  No Registration
*  No License
*  Highest speed: 20km/h-25km/h


The E Scoot Hire Scooter is fitted with some great features, including:

  • Working lights and indicators
  • Superior front and rear brakes
  • Front-mounted carry basket (for shopping etc)
  • Sturdy kick-stand
  • Ultra-loud motion alarm system
  • Attractive paint finish
  • Adjustable seat

What better way to see the Gold Coast and get fit at the same time on an E-Scooter. Call today to book.

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